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ZONARE Medical Systems

Developers at ZONARE selected Nucleus RTOS due to its excellent technical support, strong reputation, and source code to which they have full access and control.

Nucleus RTOS has performed very well for our Convertible Ultrasound solution. Our development projects have taken advantage of the full-featured set of I/O packages (such as networking, USB and a file system) all of which utilize Mentor Graphics' cost effective products. A stable embedded OS, combined with access to source code and capable technical support engineers, has helped us to deliver our unique solution to the ultrasound community in a very timely manner.”

Andy Irish, Director of Software, ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc

Nucleus RTOS Chosen for World's First Convertible Ultrasound Platform

As with all safety critical technology, developers at ZONARE needed a reliable, stable embedded operating system to meet the demanding needs of their next-generation ultrasound system.

Developers selected Nucleus RTOS for several reasons. While evaluating the software, developers were impressed with the quality and responsiveness of the technical support team at Mentor Graphics. Additionally, Nucleus RTOS has a successful reputation for providing the foundation for many embedded applications in the medical instrumentation market. Other enticing features that developers based their decision on included the open and well-documented source code, which allows users to have full access and control of the code, and the very flexible business model.

ZONARE Ultrasound System

The Ultrasound System and Zone Sonography Technology

Based on Zone Sonography technology, ZONARE provides the first Convertible Ultrasound® platform to the industry with superb image quality. Clinicians are able to instantly convert the system from a full-featured, cart-based unit into a premium compact, portable ultrasound system with all the performance of substantially larger and more expensive units.

Combining a significant advance in ultrasound technology with an innovative physical design to achieve maximum customer value, the flexibility provided by Zone Sonography technology offers clinical solutions for a wide variety of imaging needs in general imaging, obstetrics, gynecology, vascular and other emerging ultrasound applications. This new architecture also has allowed ZONARE Medical Systems to bring the system to the industry with premium performance at a substantial price to value ratio. This lets the clinician convert the platform from a full-featured cart system into a compact, portable system quickly with all the quality and performance of substantially larger and more expensive ultrasound units, yet, with significantly higher performance than previous compact systems. Unlike other compact systems, the cart has a full user interface that works like a conventional ultrasound system.

About Zonare

ZONARE Medical Systems, Inc. designs, develops, and manufactures premium compact performance ultrasound solutions, which combine revolutionary technology with an innovative physical design. Zone Sonography® technology, ZONARE's unique patented approach to ultrasound imaging, is focused on bringing the highest performance to all clinical settings, leading to advanced diagnostic capabilities, more cost effective operation and increased value to providers.

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