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Dolby Laboratories

Dolby Laboratories decided that the Nucleus RTOS small memory footprint and high optimization was a perfect fit for developing applications in the wireless audio market.

The Dolby Lake Processor sits in a critical part of the audio signal chain for live concerts in arenas and stadiums. These systems travel the world and are trucked, set up, used, and packed off to the next city, sometimes every day of the week. A failure due to the operating system is not an option. We have 3000 current generation products touring the world and in permanent installations. Nucleus RTOS has helped us earn an enviable reputation for reliability.”

Bruce Jackson, Vice President of Professional Live Sound Products, Dolby Laboratories.

Nucleus RTOS Selected for the Dolby Lake Processor; Provides New Level of Sound Management

Developers at Dolby had firsthand experience with Nucleus RTOS before the development of the Dolby Lake Processor. Originally evaluated and selected for the Clair iO and Lake Contour loudspeaker controllers, Nucleus RTOS was chosen for the Dolby Lake Processor because of its robustness and reliability.

However, developers of the Dolby Lake Processor originally wanted to use Linux to save money on the operating system. One engineer spent months researching Linux only to find that the boot times were extremely high compared to those of Nucleus RTOS, and were therefore unacceptable.

Dolby Lake Processor

The Dolby® Lake® Processor is a digital signal processing hardware and software system providing advanced loudspeaker management and equalization functionality. The system is easy to install and use, providing sound engineers the control and flexibility they need to focus on the audio quality for tour sound, fixed installations, and studio applications. The Dolby Lake Processor enables sound engineers to save time in the setup and handling of loudspeaker systems. The processor provides better control and flexibility of complex speaker systems throughout setup and during the event, improving the sound of the system so audiences have a better experience.

In the end, we decided to go with Nucleus RTOS because of the success of our first-generation products, the Clair iO and Lake Contour, which we had up and running swiftly and with minimum fuss.”

Bruce Jackson, Vice President of Professional Live Sound Products, Dolby Laboratories

About Dolby Laboratories

Dolby Laboratories (NYSE:DLB) develops and delivers products and technologies that make the entertainment experience more realistic and immersive. For four decades Dolby has been at the forefront of defining high-quality audio and surround sound in cinema, broadcast, home audio systems, cars, DVDs, headphones, games, televisions, and personal computers.

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