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Garmin AT

The Nucleus operating system provides Garmin with the full source code and flexible business model needed for them to develop its CNX80 Avionics Navigator system.

We began evaluating embedded OSes for our navigation application. We needed a reliable and tested OS provided with full source code and a flexible business model. After evaluating several options, we chose the Nucleus RTOS. It has served our needs well.”

John Pratt, Software Engineering Team Leader for Garmin AT, a subsidiary of Garmin International

Nucleus Selected for the CNX80

Developers at Garmin began evaluating embedded operating systems for their navigation application. They needed a reliable and tested OS, provided with full source and with a flexible business model. Nucleus RTOS was chosen for the CNX80.

In addition to these requirements, Garmin developers were looking for an OS that they could certify through the FAA to meet the airborne software requirements from DO-178B for Level B software. Certification requires adequate documentation that every decision point in the source code is fully tested to ensure safe operation of an aircraft. Developers tested the Nucleus RTOS kernel and received FAA certification with no changes required.

The CNX80 Avionics Navigator

Garmin CNX80 The CNX80 is an advanced integrated avionics system designed for general aviation. The unit is approved for primary navigation and includes the industry's first certified Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS)/GPS navigator which dramatically improves the accuracy, integrity and availability of the GPS. The CNX80 allows a pilot to file a flight plan, receive clearance and program the approved flight plan in the exact same manner. It is the first integrated navigator designed for general aviation with voice prompting and audio alerting.

About Garmin AT

Garmin International, Inc. is a leading supplier of navigation, communication, surveillance and audio systems for new and retrofit general aviation aircraft. Garmin International Inc. is a member of the Garmin Ltd. (Nasdaq: GRMN) group of companies, which designs and manufactures navigation, communication and information devices - most of which are enabled by GPS technology.

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