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Inflexion UI delivers sophisticated UI for high-end induction cook-top application for German white goods manufacturer BSH

A driving principle at BSH is to provide consumers with genuine added value in terms of performance, convenience, and user friendliness. Underlying the company’s philosophy is a commitment to building smart products that are more efficient when utilizing the Earth’s limited resources.Mentor enabled us to develop our high-end induction cook-tops the way we had envisioned.

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Inflexion was the ideal productivity tool for us because it separated the UI design tasks from the software.”

Michael Gabler, BSH


The Gaggenau cook-top required a real-time operating system(RTOS) with a rich set of middleware. Selecting the right UI tool was also key to the Gaggenau cook-top.BSH criteria included : overall engineering efficiency, the tool’s ability to introduce UI design changes during the development process, performance of graphics rendering on the target, and seamless integration with the RTOS software platform.


For the Inflexion UI evaluation, Mentor organized a three day, on-site workshop and created a simulation environment consistent with the desired target – to help BSH realize the full potential of Inflexion. Once development started, BSH immediately found value in how Inflexion solved their UI challenges,implementing what was a relatively sophisticated UI.


Mentor engineers alongside the BSH design team, managed to get all the necessary internal approvals to propose the Inflexion “dynamic object placement” technology. The final build contained both dynamic object placement and smart-phonelike features such as touchscreen interface and finger-drag controls, which enabled BSH to proceed to the next level of development.

The value of Mentor is its engineering efficiency, from the high-performance Nucleus RTOS to the rich and dynamic Inflexion UI software.”

Michael Gabler, BSH

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