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Mentor Embedded UI Solutions

High performance solutions across both micro-controllers and micro-processors

Expectations for embedded device user interfaces have increased substantially; requiring embedded designers to match experiences from mobile phones and tablets. Mentor Embedded helps developers address this challenge by enabling high performance graphics and UI solutions across both micro-controllers (MCU) and micro-processors.


  • Create rich user interfaces for Linux and Nucleus® RTOS based embedded systems
  • Deploy rich user interfaces on memory and resource limited MCUs with Embedded Wizard from TARA Systems for Nucleus
  • Take advantage of GPU acceleration and virtualize graphics resources for multi-OS systems
  • Make use of open standards such as Open GL / ES, Qt®and HTML5
  • Quickly get proof-of-concept prototypes up and running with an integrated development workflow
  • Analyze and resolve hard to solve graphics and UI performance issues through instrumented libraries and interactive analysis tools

UI Solutions for Nucleus RTOS

Nucleus Add-on for the Qt® Framework

Create compelling, interactive user interfaces with Nucleus for embedded and mobile devices in applications such as medical, white goods, automotive and consumer electronics using Qt Designer and Qt/Widgets. The Nucleus port of the open source Qt framework provides access to widely deployed technology, cross-platform support, and access to a large development community of more than 450,000 developers in over 70 countries.

Learn more about using Qt with Nucleus

Mentor Embedded Linux

Screenshots from a compact 1.5” x 2.25” touchscreen-based user interface implementing a handheld glucose meter designed with TARA Systems Embedded Wizard UI Tool for an STM32 MCU target.

TARA Systems Embedded Wizard

Develop impressive modern look and feel user interfaces for resource constrained embedded platforms such as MCUs. Embedded Wizard (EmWi) from our partner, TARA Systems, provides an easy to use embedded GUI design tool with a code generation model optimized for deploying great looking UIs in a very small footprint. The integration of EmWi with the Nucleus workflow provides a smooth UI development process for designing eye-catching UI applications running under the Nucleus RTOS on your target device.

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Learn more about Embedded Wizard from our partner TARA Systems and get a free EmWi trial at their website.

Visit Embedded Wizard

UI solutions for Linux

Mentor Embedded Linux

Mentor Embedded Linux combines an open source foundation with a commercially supported platform.

The power of the open source based Qt/Widgets and Qt Quick/QML UI development frameworks combined with the Mentor Embedded Linux and Automotive Technology Platform (ATP) products allow embedded developers to create even more impressive looking and capable UIs including 3D effects and high end graphics elements for advanced applications. With the additional resources of platforms typically designed to host embedded Linux, embedded UI engineers can develop full featured UIs for a wide range of automotive, medical and industrial applications.

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Mentor Embedded Linux Automotive Technology Platform (ATP)

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