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XSe® Automotive

Accelerate automotive system design with hardware, software and services that reduce your time-to-market.

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Accelerate automotive system design with hardware, software and services that reduce your time-to-production with XSe automotive. Near A-sample reference ASXB™ hardware reference platform, optimized SuperBSP™ Linux® operating system, and OPTstack™ audio/video middleware ready to support ADAS, Driver Information and Infotainment development.

The platform includes GENIVI compliant interfaces for graphics, multi-screen, audio, multimedia, device integration and connectivity. OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers can leverage XSe automotive platforms and consulting services in any stage of development to meet and exceed project goals while reducing time-to-production.


Active Noise Control

ANC™ active noise control employs microphones, speakers and advanced audio processing to sense and diminish unwanted noise in the vehicle cabin. Quiet zones created around the driver and passengers cover steady state, dynamic and non-periodic components of engine, transmission and road noise without interfering with the enjoyment of music, the utility of audio based navigation systems or the sirens of emergency vehicles.


The AXSB™ is a near-A sample reference hardware platform built specifically for automotive development teams servicing Automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and aftermarket manufacturers. Automotive specific components and connectors make the AXSB™ ideal for early stage development.


Build feature rich market leading IVI systems with an optimized middleware layer featuring high performance audio and video libraries and services.

Super BSP

An automotive-optimized Linux software base platform suitable for development or production. Enable automotive rapid prototyping with our target specific board support package which includes a boot-time optimized bootloader, Linux kernel, and audio and video processing components.


Quickly and easily gather key performance indicators of Linux systems in kernel and user space with Xstrace™. Understand process and thread order of events, impacts on resource consumption, and perform statistical analysis with live trace streaming.

Hardware Services

Our highly experienced XSe hardware services team is ready to design and produce custom hardware for a variety of automotive applications from prototype and evaluation systems development to complete product development. Learn more about how we can help with complex and high performance SoC and FPGA based designs, high-speed signal printed circuit boards and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) optimized designs.

Linux is the registered trademark of Linus Torvalds in the U.S. and other countries.

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