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T4240 Virtual Prototype

  • Function and register accurate
  • Boot Linux with near real time response
  • Execute and debug user applications
  • Analyze power and performance of software execution

The T4240 is an SoC from the QorIQ Advanced Multiprocessing (AMP) series from Freescale. With 12 physical cores supporting 24 virtual cores, frequency scaling to 1.8 GHz, large caches, hardware acceleration, and advanced system peripherals, the T4240 targets applications that benefit from consolidation of control and data plane processing in a single SoC.

With the T4240 Virtual Prototype, developers can gain tremendous insight into the functional accuracy and execution efficiency of their software running on the T4240 platform.

Using the T4240 Virtual Prototype you can:

  • Perform SW/OS porting and validation
  • Get estimates of the performance of the software
  • Quantify the power consumed by the software
  • Analyze the bandwidth requirements of the application
  • Tune the application to take advantage of power saving capabilities
    • Core sleep power
    • Core drowse power
    • Peripheral power activity
    • Frequency scaling effects

For additional information on the QorIQ T4240 Multicore Communications Processors, go to:

T4240 Access Request

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Vista Virtual Prototyping
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