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Connected Engineering™ for the Automotive Industry

Mentor Graphics has proven success in innovative products and solutions that help engineers conquer design challenges in the increasingly complex worlds of board and chip design. The automotive industry faces similar challenges in the ever increasing complexity of electrical and electronic content in cars. Visit the DAC Automotive pavilion to see how Mentor address these challenges with the automotive industry’s most comprehensive set of electrical and electronic design automation solutions. See how Mentor’s solutions in areas such as EE systems design, in-vehicle infotainment, system modeling, mechanical analysis, and embedded software help the automotive industry speed the design and implementation of vehicle systems whilst reducing costs and improving quality.

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Experts @ the Conference
  • Applying EDA Techniques to Analysis and Optimization to In-vehicle Distributed Systems F
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Modern vehicles have complex architectures with many electronic control units (ECUs) and different communication buses that are used to implement different distributed control algorithms. Developing such complex hardware/software systems rely on building accurate virtual prototypes ad simulators, which are used both for systems design & optimization, as well as for parallel software development. This session will feature different talks discussing various challenges and solutions in this domain.

Presenter: Serge Leef, VP New Ventures, GM System-Level Engineering Division, Mentor Graphics
Products: Automotive
  • Connected Engineering for Automtive EE Design F
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    TECHNICAL SESSION A well managed process with seamless information flow from concept to design to verification to in-production updating (e.g. software updates) is the holy grail for a fully enabled Systems Engineering process. Aspects of this enablement is the theme of this session and it looks at three different views of how systems engineering is enabled at various levels in the process.

Presenter: Andrew Patterson, Director, Automotive, Mentor Graphics
Products: Automotive
  • Fireside Chat: Automotive Engineers Love Design Automation
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    PANEL Having heard the exciting and informative keynote in the formal setting, come to the Pavilion for an informal interaction with James Buczkowski as Wally Rhines engages him in a wide ranging conversation from his career and cars of the future to designing for safety and the role of EDA in his world. Be prepared to ask your own questions such as why the nifty feature everyone wants in their car is missing, or if a driverless flying car will ever be available for the masses?

Presenter: Walden Rhines, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mentor Graphics
Products: Automotive