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Partner Activities

Mentor offers the broadest support for the electronics ecosystem/supply chain. That’s why you’ll find Mentor experts sharing in a numerous partner activities on the exhibition floor—both in our booth and at our partners’ locations.

Suite B
  • Better Layout in Less Time: AMD’s Experience with Calibre RealTime at 20nm and Below
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Physical implementation is significantly more challenging at 20nm than at previous nodes. Introducing Calibre RealTime into the production flow at AMD enabled designers to meet this challenge and improve the quality of the layout at the same time. Calibre RealTime provides immediate feedback for implementation and the ability to optimize the layout with full sign-off feedback. This enables us to make last-minute edits with sign-off confidence, and to reduce the number of batch DRC iterations required to reach tape-out.

Presenter: Kalyan Chakravarthy, Member of Technical Staff, AMD
Presenter: Srinivas Velivala, Calibre TME, Mentor Graphics
Room 105
  • Power Aware Clock Domain Crossing Verification
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Formal and static methods, which analyze a design directly rather than depending on large numbers of simulation vectors, are becoming increasingly important in the world of modern design. In the first part of this session, real-world practitioners who have been successful with formal verification describe case studies and use them to supply useful advice for those who wish to achieve similar results. Then we move on to describe some new and powerful uses for static and formal techniques in conjunction with other tools and methods, providing new insights into IP integration, clock domain crossings, power issues, and clock/reset design.

Presenter: Roger Sabbagh, Product Marketing Manager, Mentor Graphics
Presenter: Saumitra Goel, Lead Consultant Staff, Mentor Graphics
Suite B
  • Samsung Ecosystem Collaboration with Mentor for DFM at 14nm and Below
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    TECHNICAL SESSION For the 14nm node, Mentor and Samsung have collaborated extensively to create a comprehensive DFM solution that includes proven solutions for litho simulation, pattern matching, critical area analysis (CAA) and advanced filling. Come to this session to understand what was done and how it can help you move to 14nm.

Presenter: Jean-Marie Brunet, Product Marketing Director for Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Place & Route Integration, Mentor Graphics
Presenter: Kuang-Kuo Lin, Director of Foundry Design Enablement at America Headquarters Device Solutions, Samsung Semiconductor