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IESF 2013: Systems Engineering

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Technical Session
  • A Smart Documentation & Maintenance Solution for Mil-Aero Platforms
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Efficient repurposing of engineering data into technical publications cuts project costs and timescales. And, efficient maintenance and repair maximizes aircraft availability. This breakout shows new technology that automates the assembly of electrical design data for consumption by publications environments; it also shows a new, lightweight, browser-enabled environment for maintenance technicians. Incorporating on-the-fly schematic generation, the technician's environment is highly navigable and can display effectivity-specific data to reduce the time and cost of fault diagnosis and repair.

Presenter: Artem Kornilov, Engineering Manager, Mentor Graphics
  • Advanced Systems Engineering and Model Philosophy
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    TECHNICAL SESSION As systems grow more complex, development programs grow larger and more difficult to execute successfully. Challenges in meeting cost and schedule targets show up across all industries in complex systems development. Recent research shows that correctly applied systems engineering approaches can make a significant impact on cost and schedule risk. This led to the Advanced Systems Engineering initiative, a set of concepts and directions aiming at improving program execution.
    Though many buy into the mantra, “models are the answer” in systems engineering, we must distinguish what makes a model, a model. Beyond particular modeling languages and diagram types, models exist for various purposes, and can have relationships with each other, forming a kind of “model of models.” In Advanced Systems Engineering, the relationship between models and requirements is also changing and evolving to include both model-driven requirements and requirements-driven models.

Presenter: Barclay Brown, Global Solution Executive for Aerospace and Defense, IBM
  • Right Side Of The V: Integration, Verification & Validation
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Activities on the right side of the Systems V are not only technically challenging but also important from commercial and regulatory standpoints. This breakout session examines the right side of the V for the electrical design domain, including the implications of EWIS regulations. Technologies introduced address subjects such as sub-system design integration, emergent behavior, requirements traceability, and test case management. These technologies make a key contribution towards a systems approach to platform level engineering.

Presenter: Dr. Nick Smith, Product Director, Mentor Graphics
  • The "More Electric Aircraft” Demands a More Integrated Enterprise
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    TECHNICAL SESSION As increased content places ever greater focus on electrical systems design, organizations want to use best-of-breed tools. But, deployments can be hampered by the inability of disparate tools to communicate and share data. Indeed, seamless data integration is a key element driving ROI and cost avoidance. This session describes how the Capital software suite has been built to integrate with third-party applications from the outset. Various examples will be highlighted during the session to show how digital data continuity can be realized, including the use of newer technologies such as Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC).