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IESF: Electrical Systems Architecture & Design

Learn more about the latest tools and innovations for Automotive, Commercial Vehicle, and Off-highway Electrical Distribution Systems Design & Wire Harness Engineering at IESF 2015 - Dearborn, MI, USA – May 19th, 2015.

Highlights include dedicated breakout track, case studies and solution demonstrations in the product area.

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Technical Session
  • Calculating the Cost of Complexity - Do the Math
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Number of options * numbers of configurations * number of suppliers = corporate exposure.
    Ensuring the original spec avoids supplier creep and communicating change in both directions. No more, 'build and forget' Need to record what was done and validate with new scenarios before claims come in.

  • Decision Making in an EE World
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    TECHNICAL SESSION The EE aspects are impacting more departments, therefore the ability for wider access, without resorting to approximated data, is key to rapid and reliable decision making. In addition, viewing scenarios with a tool that understands the EE context allows rapid querying, filtering and focusing on key elements. This session will share the tools and advantages in sharing access to your wider teams.

  • Integration of EE in PLM Infrastructure
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Integrating across systems and disciplines is the reality of most companies. The need to both preserve connection to legacy systems while leveraging best-in-class solutions is a constant challenge, as the different abstractions, data granularity and lifecycle demands make systems engineering and EE data uniquely complex. This session will show how practical and efficient integrations are possible today, highlight the value of using a standards-based approach to delivering a heterogeneous solution, and serve these needs with minimal disruption to current tools and flows.

  • Make System Definition, Integration and Hierachy an Integral Part of Your Flow
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Addressing the bigger picture of systems of systems with the same granularity as a standard Logic design changes the game for creating great vehicles with consistent EE behavior and offers significant cost and quality advances. This session will share our capability, adoption path and integration to deliver these benefits.