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IESF: Electrical Distribution Systems Design

Learn more about the latest tools and innovations for Electrical Distribution Systems Design & Wire Harness Engineering at IESF Europe 2013.

Highlights include dedicated breakout track, case studies and solution demonstrations in the product area. Topics covered include trends and challenges, compliance and verification for electrical systems domain, electrical configuration complexity and harness manufacturing cost analysis for OEMs and suppliers.

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Technical Session
  • Automating transitions From logical design to physical implementation
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    TECHNICAL SESSION The move from one abstraction level to another transitions concept to implementation. Some of today’s transitions are essentially manual tasks but others can be automated. Examples include network synthesis and harness synthesis.
    This presentation focuses on harness synthesis as part of the overall process. It shows how the separation of logical design from implementation specific data leads to the automated creation of harness designs and can be extended to automate details of harness engineering. It wraps up with practical examples of how this technology is used within JLR.

Presenter: Phil Davies, Business Development Manager, Integrated Electrical Systems, Mentor Graphics
Presenter: Steve Twitchett, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Harness Manufacturing Cost Analysis For OEMs and Suppliers
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Wire harnesses comprise a significant portion of overall EE system costs.  In the search for competitive advantage both OEMs and suppliers must be able to calculate harness manufacturing costs quickly, systematically and accurately.  This session presents new software that intelligently combines harness design data with highly flexible manufacturing process models to create detailed cost calculations, while fully protecting intellectual property.  This provides a firm basis for sourcing decisions, both for OEMs assessing suppliers' bids and for suppliers seeking optimal operations patterns.

Presenter: Andy Cooper, Harness Flow Product Architect, Integrated Electrical Systems, Mentor Graphics
  • The Next Step In Smart Documentation
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Smart documentation is a common requests from vehicle service technicians, who know that diagnostic trouble codes do not always quickly and unambiguously identify vehicle faults.  This session presents technology that not only automatically creates rich documentation but also delivers a highly productive environment to the technicians, with capabilities such as vehicle specific schematic generation and interactive signal tracing.  The very latest developments in this area will be shown, including delivery to tablet devices for the ultimate in usability and portability.

Presenter: Steve Trythall, Systems Engineer, Integrated Electrical Systems, Mentor Graphics
  • What Will Save Us From Electrical Configuration Complexity (Part 1)?
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Massive configuration complexity caused by global platforms and customer choice has become an acute pain point in electrical systems & wire harness design. This session examines the multiple areas impacted by configuration complexity, from design change management to obsolescence costs to vehicle documentation & service. The set of technology solutions embedded within Mentor's Capital tools that address this complex problem is described, and interesting reference is also made to aerospace paradigms for managing configuration complexity.

Presenter: Karin Jung, Application Engineer Transportation, Mentor Graphics