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Mentor Forum: Physical Verification
(Calibre® Platform)

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Technical Session
  • Calibre platform for advanced physical verification
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Come learn about the emerging trends in PV and how the Calibre nmPlatform continues to rapidly expand, addressing the needs for advanced PV and helping you get your design to market faster. Case study: Adopting CalibreView format for XRC in Analog Design environment

  • DFM & Smart Fill for advanced nodes with Calibre
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    TECHNICAL SESSION At 28 nm and below, litho process checking (LPC), CMP analysis and critical area analysis (CAA) are all crucial steps to help ensure manufacturability. In addition, layout fill has become a more complex and critical issue. Come to this session to understand today’s DFM issues, to find out what is required by the foundries at each node, to learn about updates to DFM tools, and to see how SmartFill is changing the approach to fill at advanced nodes.

Products: Calibre LFD, Calibre YieldEnhancer, Calibre YieldAnalyzer
  • Photonics technology implementation with Calibre & Pyxis
  • Verify as you go with Calibre Autofix
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Calibre AutoFix performs automatic layout routing correction for place and route designs.
    In traditional place and route flows, verification results are used by physical design engineers to adjust routing geometry in the place and route tool until the errors are no longer present. This verification and rerouting procedure iterates until all errors are corrected, or deemed safe to waive. This can contribute to significant design overhead.
    With Calibre AutoFix, this time-consuming process can be circumvented. When Calibre AutoFix is invoked, it takes the generated verification results from a Calibre® nmDRC™ run and automatically adjusts routing geometry in the layout to correct selected errors.

  • Working efficiently with the ecosystem of Calibre
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    TECHNICAL SESSION Calibre provides the standard for verification engines. Getting to “done” requires that those engines work with your design flow and your design tools. We will show you how to maximize design productivity with Calibre interfaces into your design tools and how Calibre realtime retains calibre confidence while delivering Immediate results for small scale runs. Case study: Calibre DRV, Calibre Autowaivers and HTML reports