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User2User 2015

User2User 2015 is your opportunity to hear from technical experts, share best practices, and network with professionals in multiple industries. We’ve packed the day full of exciting activities focused on the latest in cutting-edge design.

User2User events focus on EDA design issues in technology areas such as Custom IC/AMS, IC Nanometer desingn, Electronics Cooling, Functional Verification, PCB Design, Place & Route, and Silicon Test and Yield Analysis. User2User is free to attend.

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San Jose Featured Sessions

The Big Squeeze

Keynote Walden C. Rhines, Chairman and CEO, Mentor Graphics.

For decades, we’ve known it was coming and now it’s here. Moore’s Law—which is really just a special case of the “learning curve”—can no longer drive the 30% per year reduction in cost per transistor, beginning with the 20/16/14 nm generation. Either we find innovations beyond just shrinking feature sizes and increasing wafer diameter or we slow our progress down the learning curve, introducing innovative new electronic capabilities at a slower rate than in the past.

There are lots of alternatives, including a reduction in profitability of the members of the supply chain, to keep the progress continuing at the same rate as the last fifty years. Dr. Rhines will review the mathematical basis for the dilemma and, with his brand of humor, provide a roadmap of possibilities for the decade ahead.

Optical Interconnects at a Turning Point – The Opportunity and Prospects for Silicon a Photonics Enabler

Keynote Ashok Krishnamoorthy, Systems Architect and Chief Technologist, Oracle.

Interconnect will play a major role in overall system performance and energy consumption for future computing systems. Current optical links can provide the required bandwidth, but are relatively expensive and power-hungry. VCSEL-based optical modules can improve the situation greatly, and will help optical interconnects penetrate deeper into computing systems. Recent advances in high-density, ultra-low energy silicon photonic links are likely to make them the preferred solution in the long term as density, bandwidth, and energy efficiency are jointly optimized.

The Internet of Things Opens Door to New SoC Design Opportunities

Special Session Shawn Han, VP of Foundry Marketing, Samsung Electronics

As smartphone advancements begin to slow down, the concept of the Internet of Things has swung the innovation door wide open for system-on-chip designers. Pioneering new technology faces challenges, and success is achieved through problem solving and innovation. With RF capabilities offered within the process technology node, chips designers have the opportunity to develop unique products that make connectivity applications a reality such as connected home appliances, auto infotainment systems, and heating/cooling systems. This keynote will highlight the very real applications that will be taking advantage of advanced logic process manufacturing in the near future.

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