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Aegis & DiPlan

Here we go again. Another merger of companies with significant overlap of portfolios. In the past when this has happened, as in the case with Technomatix, Unicam, Fabmaster etc., many customers were confused about how any “new solutions” would appear. Would there be a move to one standard system, would the systems co-exist, how would they connect? These were initial questions. The next questions were about how customers would migrate. Customers asked whether their investment would be protected. Would all or at least certain product lines be dropped? Would customers, expecting to make an upward move actually be making a sideways step or even a down-grade as I heard from some people’s opinions? It can all lead to a “poisoning” of the market, bringing uncertainty and doubt.

Where acquisitions are done where there is little significant functional overlap, there are far fewer concerns, the key issue is the successful integration of products at a base level into a common suite, whilst retaining the familiar look and feel, more importantly, the benefits and values that each tool brings. Care has to be taken to consider the real cost of change for the customer. Having significant overlap creates a surprisingly difficult problem, especially with development teams in different continents speaking different languages.

Though Aegis, with DiPlan now, are competitors to our Valor suite, I wish them well. If anyone from Aegis or DiPlan is reading this blog, let me say “please take care”, to try to limit the confusion as much as possible. Our respective customers do not need more uncertainty at a time when many of them are competing for survival. Bringing value is much more important than ticking boxes. Value and stability.

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Michael FordMICHAEL FORD SENIOR MARKETING DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, VALOR DIVISION, MENTOR GRAPHICS Michael started his career as a computer software and hardware engineer in 1982. Working for Sony in the UK, Michael became one of the first successful adopters of computer technology into the manufacturing shop-floor, going on to manage in Japan Sony’s global Lean Manufacturing solutions. Joining Valor Computerized Systems in 2008 gave Michael the opportunity to apply his experience into the main-stream of the industry. With almost 30 years’ experience, Michael’s key strength is the instinct of finding solutions and opportunities where there had been challenges and problems. Michael is currently working as part of the Marketing Development team within the Valor Division of Mentor Graphics, focussing on the realisation of real and practical solutions for manufacturing based on the application of Lean Thinking, end to end, from design through the entire manufacturing process. Visit The Michael Ford Manufacturing Blog

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My thoughts are the same.

Gerard Elema
6:41 AM May 24, 2013

Hello, first of all, excuse my poor english. I wish to know what is for you the limit of the aegis / diplan , solution for a mes ? Our goal is the complete tracability of our production. Thanks by advance for yours answers.

7:08 AM Jun 3, 2014

That is a good question, but one which I'm afraid I cannot answer. It is can be confusing when there are overlapping solutions, old and new, coming in and going out. A reputable company should clarify their product positions openly to all customers.....

Michael Ford
10:22 AM Aug 1, 2014

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