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APEX - Counterfeit Materials Poster Presentation

At APEX this year, I will be presenting a poster in the poster session on Wednesday at 3pm, talking about counterfeit materials and the importance of traceability.

PictureThe use of counterfeit materials can be a critical subject where safety critical products are concerned, or where brand integrity is important. Quality and environmental issues are also a likely consequence where materials have been used which are of poor quality themselves, or have different characteristics and tolerances, as well as expected shelf life and operating conditions.

Ensuring that no counterfeit materials come into the manufacturing operation is of course a good start, with supplier relationships for assurance and contracts for protection. Counterfeit materials however can enter the supply chain in many different ways, there is no way to guarantee that it will never happen.

It just takes one case to create a significant problem. When this happens, the vast majority of the negative impact will depend on the speed and accuracy of the management response. In these situations, a clear traceability of where counterfeit materials have been used is essential, creating the difference of having to process a few products known to have been affected versus potentially thousands of products that may have been affected.

With information from our Valor Materials Traceability functionality, costs, disruption and brand risk associated with occurrences of counterfeit materials is reduced to the absolute minimum.

If you have any interest in counterfeit materials, please come to the poster session at APEX on Wednesday at 3pm for the full presentation and discussion. If you have any further questions, an interest, and would like to discuss further about managing the consequences of counterfeit materials, please come along to our booth. Set up an appointment if you like, by contacting any of our sales team at the show.

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