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Build Globally

Mark Laing

Mark Laing

Posted May 14, 2014

Hi there

My latest webinar has just been posted on the web site. I have posted the link below to get you there directly.

Being able to manufacture PCB products around the world provides a number of advantages to the manufacturer. The challenge is being able to move those products to different locations efficiently even if the lines are the same, never mind if the lines are different machine types. The typical solution to this is to just repeat the New Product Introduction (NPI) cycle again and redo all the preparation steps again.

In this webinar I will present a new solution to building globally. Being able to perform product NPI once and then pass a full product model around the world to different locations enabling the new manufacturers to be able to focus on process NPI regardless of the assembly machines are in use. I hope you enjoy the webinar and are able to post some questions on what I present. Here’s the link to the webinar:



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