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Calling all SIPLACE pick and place users

Hi there

One of the largest groups of users within Valor MSS Process Preparation for SMT programming is those supporting ASM, formerly Siemens, pick and place machines. ASM has released their OIB interface as a single API for both programming and monitoring for external applications to use. This has the benefit for third party applications to have an open interface that can be programmed to consistently across multiple versions.

I am interested to know how many of our users are using the OIB interface to access SIPLACE instead of the existing interface through SIPLACE directly. The OIB interface has been supported for a number of versions of Process Preparation now and has been enhanced with each release we have made. Have you moved over to connecting SIPLACE through OIB or are you still running the direct SIPLACE Server connection? If you are still running SIPLACE Server, do you plan on moving to OIB in the future? Valor MSS Process Preparation initially added OIB support in version 3.0 additionally with SIPLACE Server so an existing user can move to OIB very easily once they have OIB installed on the SIPLACE side too.

For those of you who would like to contact me directly, please do so through email on You can of course post comments directly on this blog too.

For others out there who would like to adopt the OIB interface through Valor MSS please visit our web site at the link below to see our mixed vendor programming capability and then contact us for further information.




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