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Components, Bill Of Materials and Approved Vendor Lists

Mark Laing

Mark Laing

Posted Feb 28, 2011

In today’s typical electronic assemblies the single largest cost is the components that make up the assembly. Therefore being able to manage the component supply chain is critical to delivering profitable products for electronic manufacturers.

Within the Process Engineering product line of the Valor MSS suite, vPlan provides an unparalleled solution for managing components, Bill of Materials (BOM) and Approved Vendor Lists (AVL). Fundamentally vPlan is BOM centric, meaning that it is the manufacturing BOM that drives the tool. This is consistent with how electronic assemblers work in their manufacturing processes, ie through the management of the BOM. All the other solutions that exist in the market are CAD centric, meaning that they use Computer Aided Design (CAD) data as the primary data source to drive their tools. This BOM centric approach provides a fundamentally sound foundation to model the manufacturing process as the physical Printed Circuit Board (PCB), is just an item on the full BOM, which it is in reality.

Significant flexibility and cost savings can be achieved through effective management of the procurement of electronic components. Having alternate parts that can be substituted when one vendor is unable to supply a particular part can mean the difference in being able to build a product or not. In this case the primary part number can be mapped to multiple manufacturer and manufacturer part numbers. Then depending on availability these parts can be selected for specific production batches. vPlan fully supports the use of AVLs in its structure even to the point where each manufacturer specific part can be represented with an exact package construction.

I’ll be posting a further blog on the creation and use of these manufacturer specific packages in the next installment.

Click on the following link to read more about the benefits that can be obtained from deploying vPlan as your complete Process Engineering solution.

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