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Defect opportunities

Did any one spot the misspelling of ‘Quality’ in the header of my last blog?

I wish I could say it was a deliberate error to entice comments from my quality conscious readers. But sadly it was just an defect.

One letter missing from around a thousand. Making my defect per million opportunity rate 1,000 DPMO. Believe me it would be much higher if it were not for spell checker.

Back to the topic: Defect Opportunities

DPMO is a good way of standardising our understanding of our process capabilities and as such can be a valuable KPI we can take with us to monitor and compare our performance. But only if we have the same understanding of DPMO. Here the IPC have done the hard work for us by publishing standards on the methodology for calculating DPMO. The origins for these standards were in the work done by the iNEMI group. They solved the critical pieces of the puzzle; namely what counts as a defect? and how to calculate the result?

The Valor MES solution has adopted this work in its Valor MSS products and can report DPMO results to the IPC standard.

Please check us out, if DPMO is important to you.


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Bernard SuttonBernard has over 30 years of experience in electronics manufacturing in both OEM and EMS manufacturing environments. Electronics Test, Production Engineering and Quality. In Mentor Bernard brings his experience to the Valor Division manufacturing shopfloor applications (MSS) aiming to ensure customers see products that meet the demands of modern electronics manufacturing. Visit Manufacturing Quality and Reporting

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