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Do you use Boundary Scan in your PCB assembly process?

Mark Laing

Mark Laing

Posted Jun 11, 2013

Hi there

Boundary Scan has been available for well over 15 years now and it has continued to evolve over that time as the initial IEEE standard 1149 has been updated to cover more than just digital devices. Although for most printed circuit designs full testing through 4 or 5 connections is not possible a significant number of designs have some number of components on them that support the Boundary Scan standard. Therefore with proper circuit design, daisy-chaining the components together, can enable the maximum usage of the scan cells to act as virtual test points on the board.

There are a number of desktop Boundary Scan vendors out there as well as other types of test equipment, such as In-Circuit Test (ICT), that support Boundary Scan. I am interested to know how many of you are using Boundary Scan in your production environments, how you are using Boundary Scan in conjunction with other complementary test equipment and which vendors you are using.



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