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Don't suffer sticky assembly placement issues when you can have Virtual Sticky Tape

Mark Laing

Mark Laing

Posted Aug 15, 2012

Hi there

For the many years I have worked in this industry one of the most common complaints from SMT engineers is related to position and rotation errors that were found during the first article inspection of a PCB during the sticky tape run. The programs would then be tweaked and the sticky tape board ran again to confirm the changes. This resulted in a significant loss of line down time while the new programs were validated.

Now in Valor MSS Process Preparation, a multi-faceted normalization algorithm is used to calculate the centroid position and rotation regardless of the convention used in the design system. This information is then combined with the feeder orientation for each part and the machine convention to determine the final part position and rotation to accurately place the part on the pads. But before the program is actually created the Virtual Sticky Tape simulates the program against the board giving the SMT engineer an opportunity to visually confirm that the part is placed correctly. In the unlikely event it needs to be adjusted this can be done at this time and saved for future reference so the adjustment does not need to be performed again. This makes it much quicker to change-over the program from one design to another.

For more information on Valor MSS and the Virtual Sticky Tape capability please click on the following link:



virtual sticky tape

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