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Dynamic build order management

For the final installment of this series on components, I will discuss the solution that the Valor Division has for dynamic build order management. One of the neglected areas of PCB manufacturing is being able to sequence and then react to the day to day challenges of meeting production goals. For example, when many different products needs to be built, on multiple lines, with different configurations and setups, which of the products need to be assigned to which line and in what order. The Valor Division Line Executive works in conjunction with vPlan for Process Engineering to decide these complex decisions quickly and easily even when hundreds of products need to be considered.

Having created a build order based on the goals of the production line, taking in to account priority, part availability, number of shifts, minimal changeovers, etc, the Line Executive can also be used to react to changes that crop up each day. Considering the component issues already discussed in these blogs, part shortages can significantly upset the planned production sequences. Here the Line Executive can be given the part quantities of each component and used as a constraint to future production runs. If you know you only have a certain number of components of a particular part, you can allocate those parts to the products that have the highest priority.

Line Executive is an all new and exciting solution for Process Engineers who traditionally relied on paper or maybe Excel scripts to decide what the correct build order needed to be. Now there is an off the shelf solution capable of considering hundreds of today’s complex PCBs to create an optimum build order.

Click on the following link to read more about the benefits that can be obtained from the vPlan suite of Process Engineering solutions.

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