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Making sense of package creation chaos

Mark Laing

Mark Laing

Posted Jul 17, 2012

Hi there

One of the least efficient areas in PCB assembly concerns the creation and management of package data that will be consumed across the shop-floor. For example DFM processes rely on accurate package data to determine component to component spacing issues or using accurate pin terminus contact data to ensure that solder joints will form correctly. Accurate package data is critical for DFT analysis so that probes hit targets on the board that are not violated by a component. For SMT processes, accurate package data is very important to create machine programs. I recently spoke with a process engineer who was initially very happy with his non-Valor SMT programming tool until I asked about package creation and management. Then it transpired that this was an area where his engineers spent a significant amount of time looking at datasheets and entering numbers to create parts. I described what is below to him and he was extremely interested in what we could do. Then both assembly documentation and inspection programming can also rely on the creation and management of packages and you can see that a lot of people can be looking at the same datasheets, entering the same information for the benefit of different applications.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could enter this data once and automatically use it in all the areas I describe above?

Within the Valor MSS Process Preparation solution we can do exactly that. Component package data can be created once for DFA, DFT, SMT programming (regardless of vendor), inspection programming, assembly documentation and stencil design. All process engineering tasks can leverage the same information that was entered and validated once saving huge amounts of time for the creation process as well as ensuring that the same package data is the same for all places it is used.

Wouldn’t it be even better if you didn’t need to enter this data even once?

That is also possible by combining MSS Process Preparation with the Valor Parts Library or VPL. We have already entered millions of manufacturer specific parts in to our database that our customers can access and download in a format that is ready to use across all the disciplines I mentioned above. For more information on this please use the following links or post a question on this blog if you have further questions.



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