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New MSS 11.3 enhancements - read all about it

Hi there

We have just released a new version of Valor MSS (11.3) that brings a number of significant enhancements to existing customers as well as those looking to invest in cutting edge process preparation solutions. I’ll be covering some of these enhancements in more detail in future blogs but here is a short summary of some of the new capability that we have in 11.3.

We have made significant improvements to the Test Programming capability. Now the analysis is performed natively to the application instead of using the second interface of CAMCAD. This makes it much easier for a user to learn the product, because only one GUI is shown instead of two. The data management is much simplified under the hood so performance is improved too.

Another area that has improved significantly is with the stencil design module. A number of new standard symbols have been added now that are used extensively in typical stencils. This makes it easier to create the required apertures as well as being easier to manage.

On the SMT programming side, we have added support for the Hitachi Sigma G4 and G5 machines as well as the latest Mirae dual lane machines, the MR40 series. Also the Panasonic NPM-W machine is now supported.

As mentioned on previous blogs, in-line inspection has been a focus on the recent releases and now we have added Koh Young SPI and AOI along with Cyberoptics SPI and AOI to the list of supported machines.

Please visit our web site for more information on the Valor MSS suite:



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