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New Native Test Probe Placement Analysis within Valor

Mark Laing

Mark Laing

Posted Feb 26, 2013

Hi there

I recently discussed the new capability in Valor MSS Process Preparation 11.3. I mentioned that I would go in to more detail on some of the areas that are part of this version and I will cover the new Test Probe Placement capability today.

We have added an all new Test Probe Placement Session in 11.3 that performs the physical test probe placement analysis natively within the application. This makes the analysis more efficient and faster than before. We have also improved on the capability that we had in the previous version by supporting panel level probe placement, which was not possible before.

Test Probe Placement can also be part of the Design For Assembly analysis checks we are also performing with the suite. That way we can report on all the assembly issues that exist in one place, which again was not possible before.

As before, the Valor Parts Library is the preferred method to describe the size of the component for accessibility purposes, however, the enveloping that exists now is much more accurate than before giving better results.

I would appreciate your continued feedback on this new capability so we can continue to improve it.



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