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New Production Planning release includes KPI and LED binning support

Hi there

We recently released a new version of the Valor Production Planning application that has enhancements to support both LED Binning and Key Performance Indicators or KPIs.

LED Binning is widely used in the automotive market place but will also be applicable to any industry where LEDs are used for displays that require consistent lighting levels. The issue here is that LEDs that have the same part number can vary in lighting levels when used next to each other. Therefore they are separated into light level classifications or bins and then the subdivided LEDs can be tuned to give consistent levels. This poses two problems in manufacturing, one to ensure that the correct partnering components are selected based on the specific bin of the LEDs but also when faulty LEDs need to be replaced. In this scenario, it is not a matter of just replacing with the same LED part number. If the bin has changed then other components will need to be changed at the same time to deliver on the same lighting levels as the other LEDs in the display. The Production Planning application has been updated to allow these part replacements to be defined so that they can be taken in to account during manufacturing planning.

Also added to this version are Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, that provide a consistent reporting method that allow different configurations and what-if scenarios to be compared with each other. With this new version we have added CPH (Components Per Hour), CPH with Setups, Utilization of a line, Material Cost of a line, Line Cost, Operator Cost and Total Cost of the line KPIs for each of the lines being compared.

Here is the link to the Production Planning web page on that you can visit for more information.



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