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New Stencil Design capability in Valor MSS 11.3

Mark Laing

Mark Laing

Posted Mar 26, 2013

Hi there

As the next installment of the new capability in Valor MSS 11.3, I shall today talk about the improvements we have made in the Stencil Design module of the product.

We added a number of new standard apertures to the Stencil Design with this release. These were specifically to address commonly created stencil openings that were previously challenging to create quickly. Now they are automatically created based on the existing pad of the design and then they can be easily adjusted to the specification of the required pad before being incorporated in to the stencil.

For stencil reuse purposes, each component package could have rules associated with a package or a pin. This enabled the tool to automatically use rules for packages that had been seen before. However, we were also seeing pads that were associated with a package that were not related to a pin and so we added the ability to add rules for other areas that needed paste openings that were not described as pins in the source data. The most common scenario of this would be a ground copper area under a QFP component.

Another new capability is the option to specify a corner radius as a high level requirement on all stencil apertures. The reason for this is to create smooth curves instead of right angles so that there is a good release of the stencil from the paste.

We will continue to listen to what our customers  are looking for from the Stencil Design module as well as the other areas of the product. Please let me know of new capabilities that we should be adding to continue to drive our products forward.

Here is a link to the complete capability of Valor MSS Process Preparation.



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