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New Update available for Process Engineering Users

Hi there

We have released Update 3 for Valor MSS Process Preparation users. This addresses a number of defects that were found recently but also adds new capability to support a MS SQL Server database in addition to the Oracle database that has been supported since the product was first released.

We have also made significant improvements to support the SRFF format for Cyberoptics AOI machines due to changes in the machine software. Previously the SRFF output only was created for the SPI machine but now we have versions of the format for both machine types.

Another area where we have made significant improvement is with our line balancing of purely A-Series Assembleon machines. We work very closely with Assembleon as an OEM partner and with improvements in their optimizer working in conjunction with our application Assembleon users now see much better balancing with Assembleon machines.

We’re now hard at work on completing our development of MSS 11.4 which I’ll be talking about in future blog posts.

I appreciate everyone’s continued input, MSS 11.3 Update 3 is available on SupportNet now.




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It's greate to support MS SQL datatabase. yanfeng

Yanfeng yu
2:59 AM Aug 5, 2013

Thanks Yanfeng. Mark

Mark Laing
4:01 AM Aug 5, 2013

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