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Quality requires intelligence

I have been in many situations in the past where we had a manufacturing problem to solve. In all instances the first step was to find the scale of the problem, look for linkages to the route cause and then ‘go fix’. Simple right!

Well not back then; The fist hurdle was always having accurate data for both the problem which might be a drop in test yields, beneath a sea of false calls, defective test rigs, low product sample rates etc. etc. And connections to the supporting route cause data like component vendor data, product codes, operation points etc. etc..

Thankfully solutions are available to join up the data from the shop floor materials, processes and quality points: Business Intelligence (BI) solutions give a single ‘go to’ data base for analysing the huge range of data and forming the linkages needed to support corrective action decision making.

Further information on how BI solutions improve manufacturing quality can be found in the white paper: “putting Intelligence into electronics manufacturing”

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About Bernard Sutton

Bernard SuttonBernard has over 30 years of experience in electronics manufacturing in both OEM and EMS manufacturing environments. Electronics Test, Production Engineering and Quality. In Mentor Bernard brings his experience to the Valor Division manufacturing shopfloor applications (MSS) aiming to ensure customers see products that meet the demands of modern electronics manufacturing. Visit Manufacturing Quality and Reporting

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