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Reducing manufacturing issues through complete DFM Analysis

Mark Laing

Mark Laing

Posted Sep 17, 2011

In a recent article for PCB007 I discussed the definition of Design For Manufacturing (DFM). As a follow up to that article I will elaborate on the discussion in terms of the solutions that the Valor Division of Mentor Graphics can provide.

For concurrent design analysis, Valor vSure provides an un-paralleled capability to work in conjunction with the layout design tool to create, not just a physical representation of the design, but also a product that is optimized for both the fabrication and assembly processes. By addressing the needs of Fabrication and Assembly, DFF and DFA respectively, vSure optimizes the PCB layout. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with Expedition Enterprise and the standard format ODB++, this design analysis can be performed concurrently with the layout process. Under these circumstances, issues can be addressed as they come up instead of trying to address many different issues all at the same time once the layout has been completed. In the latter case, it will be virtually impossible to address these issues due to decisions that have already been made on the layout and the necessary design constraints without a fundamental re-architecture of the board. By running the DFM analysis concurrently with the layout process, the impact on manufacturing can be reviewed and addressed at each step significantly increasing the opportunity of a solution.

Using the DFM analysis of vSure concurrently during the design process or complementary analysis in pre-production through vPlan, enables those assemblers to get ahead of their competition in terms of time to market and product quality. Specifically, the Aberdeen Group found that overall manufacturability issues were reduced from 58% to 9% with the use of Valor DFM.

In my next blog I shall be discussing the role of test engineering on the layout process. For more information on vPlan and vSure, please click on the following links:

Mark Laing

Product Marketing Manager

Valor Division, Mentor Graphics Corporation

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