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Retain your existing investment in assembly programs even if you change your machines

Mark Laing

Mark Laing

Posted May 14, 2013

Hi there

SMT vendors are commonly asked by prospective customers about their existing pick and place programs and what happens with them if they purchase another type of equipment. The customer is usually told that there is nothing that can be done with those programs and hence they need to maintain those in the old system until they migrate them to the new machines. However in Valor MSS Process Preparation we have a significant amount of capability to read both NC programs and machine libraries to enable that information to be used on another platform.

We are able to do this as we have a neutralized basis for all package types in our library. So not only can we use this central library to create part data for new programs for all common equipment types but we can also create packages by reading the part data from existing NC programs and machine libraries. Once imported in to our database, we can then export them in completely different formats that support different machines.

This capability can make the difference in selecting a new pick and place vendor as it allows existing machine programs to be reused. Now the evaluation team can assess the new equipment capability and not have to limit the choice by how existing programs are supported or not.

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Great article Mark, thank you for given us an educational angle on P&P machine programs. I always wondered about that. And thinking to myself that how in the world those engineers create the programs but not creating another program to enable different type machines, or in that sense same type but upgraded ones, accept and transfer and use these programs freely. Creating and building the library in any of these machines takes long time, patience and precision work.This will help us big time on the SM lines. I hope that it will become real in near future.Thank you.

Aybars Ocal
7:17 PM Aug 2, 2013

Hi Aybars Thank you for your response. We have the capability to read and write different formats of SMT program today in the Valor MSS Process Preparation suite. There we have support for hundreds of the assembly machines that have been marketed around the world. Please let us know how we can help with this capability in your facility. Thanks Mark

Mark Laing
7:49 PM Aug 2, 2013

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