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Significant Time To Market Improvements For AOI Programmers

Hi there

I hinted a few weeks ago at new capability to reduce the programming time for AOI machines that we recently released in Valor Process Preparation 11.3 Update 3 but I wanted to provide further details on this.

With the introduction of an enhanced programming format for the Cyberoptics AOI machines, it has enabled the Valor Process Preparation team to update the interface to this machine taking advantage of our unique capability to manage PCB and Package data. Within our environment we have complete PCB along with Part library information. The latter being the data associated with the parts being placed on the PCB as opposed to the data coming through CAD related to the PCB itself. Now we have a vehicle to push this data through to the Cyberoptics AOI machine to drastically cut down the programming times on new products. The current off-line programming time involves taking a machine out of production so our new capability has major implications for machine utilization improvement.

With our new SRF file output from Valor Process Preparation in conjunction with the unique inspection algorithms that are part of the Cyberoptics machine provide an unparalleled combination to deliver a step function improvement to off line AOI programming. We are able to combine the CAD design data along with automatically generated machine specific inspection data that give the AOI machine a significant advantage over tradition centroid type files.

There will be an opportunity to see this capability in action at Productronica next week. I hope a number of you can attend and we can discuss this exciting new capability in person.

So please stop by, we will be in Hall A3, Booth 442. See the following link for more details.

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