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SMT, THT, Test and Inspection Machines. Which do you use?

Hi there

One of the areas that we constantly look to enhance with each release is our support for the machines that are in use with our customers. Although we use the Mentor Ideas site as a opportunity to derive feedback from yourselves, I also wanted to take this chance to ask you to let me know which machines you still need us to support either because they are new to the market or needed to address future consolidation of multiple tools for as many machines as possible.

Over the past year we have been taking advantage of our custom machine interfaces, for Through-Hole Technology (THT), Solder Paste Inspection (SPI) and Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) as this allows us to be more reactive to customer input. However, that last point is key, obtaining our customer’s input so we can ensure that the machine support evolves with your needs.

Please take a few minutes to respond to this post and let me know your preferred machine manufacturers and models so we can continue to support your requirements with each release. Here’s the link on the MSS Process Preparation:



Solder Paste Inspection, AXI Programming

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