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The advantages of intelligent design data in to manufacturing

Mark Laing

Mark Laing

Posted Aug 28, 2012

Hi there

Although the Valor MSS Process Preparation solution can handle most types of data that are passed it’s way, intelligent design data brings a wealth of benefits to its users. The import process is typically a few seconds for most designs as opposed to multiple hours to reverse engineer Gerber files to a sufficient level to be useful for manufacturing. Having to support electrical test adds a whole new level of complexity to reverse engineer a netlist based on traces and planes. Further complicate that if you need to start with 274D Gerber as opposed to 274X Gerber.

Although each design tool has its own standard output, ODB++ is the only proven format that can support the assembly, test and fabrication processes with the Valor MSS Process Preparation product providing a platform to make the most out of this data format across all tasks of process engineering. ODB++ conveys board, panel, BOM (and variants), fiducials and package data. The latter if used in conjunction with the Valor Parts Library. Keeping Gerber files for manufacturing is bringing ambiguity into the design to manufacturing hand-off by requiring the reverse engineering of data to be performed which causes delay and errors in to the process impacting overall quality and time to market. Using ODB++ allows IP to remain in the design tool but enables a streamlined flow from design into both assembly and fabrication. Click on the following link to see how Valor MSS and ODB++ can help your design to manufacturing hand-off.



Gerber, ODB++

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