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The Power of Auto-Generation

Mark Laing

Mark Laing

Posted Dec 18, 2012

Hi there

I have talked about the Valor MSS unique capability to use the Valor Parts Library or VPL in multiple ways during PCB manufacturing. VPL data is manufacturer specific information about the actual component body and pin areas that can be used for multiple uses across DFM, Stencil, Documentation, SMT programming, test programming and inspection programming. I’d like to focus the specifics of our capability for SMT programming in today’s discussion.

A lot of PCB manufacturer’s have access to more than one vendor for automatic placement of parts. These may be vendors such as Assembleon, Universal, Fuji, ASM (Siemens), Juki or Panasonic among others. Each vendor will have it’s own machine specific library that is used to provide the necessary information on the part so the machine can automatically place it. Being able to provide placement data is not sufficient to create a ready to run program, part data and associated machine settings are needed also. Traditionally this information was supplied in the machine’s part library, meaning that for each vendor you would have a unique library. In extreme cases, it is possible to have a unique library for each machine on the floor. All these libraries take time to manage as well as being a source for differing information used on the line.

With the auto-generation capability within Valor MSS, we can create parts in machine specific format automatically based on a neutral representation of the part in our master library. This rules based conversion allows machine specific parts to be created even for those that have not been seen before provided they are similar to parts that we have seen before. This eliminates the copy/paste/change that would have been needed. In the case where a part has been created for Valor DFM in the VPL, the same rules can create the machine specific part based on that information automatically.

This unique capability gives Valor MSS the ability to being able to manage a single part library for all areas of manufacturing, including SMT programming. The latter being one where multiple libraries exist more often than not.

For more information please click on the following link and see the section on SMT Single Vendor Programming & Part Data Management.



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