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The value of consolidated data preparation

Mark Laing

Mark Laing

Posted May 15, 2012

A lot of engineers take advantage of the software capability that is delivered with the various types of assembly, test and inspection equipment. However, there is a false economy here as these software applications are optimized for that machine, meaning they typically have very good support for programming the machine but do a less than ideal job of handling the challenges of different CAD/CAM/BOM formats.

Being able to use a single application for data preparation across all the various machines in an assembly line ensures that the data is correct, complete and ready for all needs of each machine. This delivers a much better solution that all areas of assembly can take advantage of regardless of whether CAD or CAM data is being used as the starting point.

In fact, taking advantage of using ODB++ from design through manufacturing delivers further benefits of accurate and complete data, but that’s another show.

Take a look at the MSS Process Preparation solution for complete data preparation. Centralizing this task provides a number of benefits as our existing customers have found:



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