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Welcome to 2011!!

Jay Gorajia

Jay Gorajia

Posted Jan 11, 2011

Welcome to 2011!! 

Just want to take a short break from the next installment of Achieving Optimum Manufacturing Flow blog series to express some thoughts on the past year, and the positive outlook that 2011 is expected to bring.

Being one of the ex-Valor guys, the acquisition by Mentor in March, 2011 was a huge change. Valor had been around for 18 years and the acquisition was finalized almost to the month from its genesis.  Being a significantly smaller company Valor had our own thoughts on how things should be done, and how they can never be done any other way.  Valor worked its way into various markets over the years, and fought to succeed. Valor created tools in the bare board manufacturing market, into the PCB design verification market, and finally into the Assembly market with dominating products in each. The acquisition proved Valor had succeeded. 

In the last 9 months, Mentor has welcomed us into their organization, and now we are Mentor employees, as part of Valor Division (A subdivision of SDD).  Was it a successful integration, well, I would have to say YES.  Here are some facts.  In the first 3 months, HR and most of the internal systems were integrated or migrated.  Most employees were getting paid with little to no gap in payments or benefits. Everyone that needed business cards had Mentor Graphics cards within the first 3 months.  The identity change had begun.  In 6 months we were booking most orders through Mentor order processing systems, and support was being handled through Mentor SupportNet for the Valor Division vSure product line.  Can’t say it was easy, we learned a lot, but for the most part, it was pretty smooth.  I’m sure there are many in the senior management levels of the ex-Valor company that may disagree, but if we look at the 200 employees worldwide, and how many were really affected dramatically by the change, even the skeptics would say the majority of the acquisition and integration was successful. Most employees identify themselves as Mentor employees. The professionals on both the Mentor acquisition team and the ex-Valor acquisition team did an outstanding job.

2011 proves to bring a lot of planned changes for the better.  Valor Division continues to develop our DFM tool kit supporting multiple vendors, further enhancing design verification capabilities, and meeting market needs with the best quality software.  We expect to see tighter integration between our MSS (Manufacturing System Solutions) products, vPlan, vCheck and vManage.  This integration will enable higher-end value as more cross-linked data between QMS, Shopfloor systems, NPI process engineering tools, and material management tools will enable true interoperability.  Enhancements in each of the individual products will also bring higher benefits to current customers, and more offering to improvement productivity and efficiencies in factories globally.

We’ve launched Mentor’s manufacturing community and it’s live! (

2011 will bring renewed energy in the ODB++ data transfer process, renewed energy in understanding and analyzing real needs of our customers, and product realizations aligned with that analysis.  I hope to meet many new professionals and visit many new factories, companies and sites and continue learning and growing, so that Mentor and our customer base mutually benefit for the interaction.  Best wishes to all!

I look forward to any thoughts and comments……

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Jay GorajiaJay Gorajia is Worldwide Consulting Manager, PCB DFM and Manufacturing Solutions, for the Consulting Division of Mentor Graphics. He works to improve efficiency and help define productivity solutions in design, manufacturing engineering and production for OEMs and PCB Assembly manufacturers. Mr. Gorajia holds a Bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in Electronic Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in Technology Management. He has published a number of articles and White Papers in industry leading technical magazines and industry conferences. Visit Electronics Assembly .… Exposed

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