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Why IT Managers are engaging in manufacturing Qualty improvement

Why IT managers are engaging in manufacturing Quality improvement.

I guess the first question we should ask is; why IT Managers?

Increasingly IT managers are taking ownership for all factory infrastructure software solutions, including MES and Quality.

For Quality this largely takes the form of the IT manger being handed legacy Quality data collection solutions from engineering departments.

At this transition point the limitations of the legacy solutions become visible and usually include; old software and hardware platform support issues, unconnected islands of functionality, not scalable, poor support & lost knowledge.

Even though the legacy system may still meet the current Quality goals, the IT managers recognise that if they want to have a solution they can support into the future they must clinically evaluate their options. Do they invest more into the in-house legacy solutions? or do they scan the market for commercial products that meet their factory goals?

The answer is usually a pragmatic one; adopt a commercial solution, but maintain the quality database built up over many years.

An open  database structure like sql allows the import of existing quality data whilst transitioning away from legacy solutions. Ensuring users get new capability whilst maintaining their investment in years of quality data capture.

Working with customers the Valor MSS team have built a knowledge base and capability to aid the transition from legacy to industry best practise Quality management solutions.

And its the IT managers who are becomings central to the discussion and implementation of new Quality solutions because of the need to connect, maintain and integrated infrastructure and databases across the factory.

Please challenge us to do the same for you.

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Bernard SuttonBernard has over 30 years of experience in electronics manufacturing in both OEM and EMS manufacturing environments. Electronics Test, Production Engineering and Quality. In Mentor Bernard brings his experience to the Valor Division manufacturing shopfloor applications (MSS) aiming to ensure customers see products that meet the demands of modern electronics manufacturing. Visit Manufacturing Quality and Reporting

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