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Avoid Costly Recalls with Full Process Traceability for Electronics Manufacturing



Many companies today give greater focus to protecting their brand and avoiding significant costs due to recalls. Highly public recalls due to quality or safety issues carry not only financial costs from the recall itself; they can also cost customer trust in the brand and the loss of their future business. Best-in-class companies now demand that their electronic and PCB assembly suppliers comply with strict process and material traceability requirements, both to meet the traceability expectations of customers and pass audits for compliance.

This webinar will discuss the traceability requirements placed on PCB and electronics manufacturers, and will provide a detailed outline of the systems and processes needed to ensure full compliance. Also covered will be a set of solutions that can provide, along with the delivery of the finished product, a comprehensive build record, including material, process, and quality history for each unit.

What You Will Learn

  • What full process traceability is and how to implement it in your manufacturing environment
  • What level of compliance customers demand from their manufacturing suppliers
  • How this solution set can deliver benefits beyond traceability compliance

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Henry Jurgens

Dr. Henry Jurgens is a Product Marketing Manager in Mentor Graphics’ Valor division, working on the Manufacturing System Solutions MES platform. In his time with Valor, Dr. Jurgens has been responsible for managing the product strategy for Mentor’s assembly focused products. He received both a B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science and a Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto in Canada. Dr. Jurgens is also a licensed professional engineer.

Who Should View

  • Manufacturing & Plant Managers of electronic manufacturing operations
  • Business development managers in EMS companies
  • Process and quality engineers
  • IT managers of manufacturing operations

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