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Introduction to Valor


On-demand Web Seminar: This seminar provides a top level view of the Valor solutions, illustrating the essential software tools for PCB manufacturing available today. 28:05

Tags: Valor Asset Utilization, Valor Business Intelligence, Valor Foundation, Valor Material Traceability, Valor Material Verification, Valor MSS Material Management, Valor Parts Library (VPL), Valor Process Preparation, Valor Production Planning, Valor Quality Management

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The Successful Way to Build PCBs Globally


On-demand Web Seminar: Valor Process Preparation delivers design level standardization, single enterprise standard materials resource library and process preparations tools that enable you to easily migrate production between... 22:12

Tags: Valor Process Preparation

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Solution For LED Complex Substitution


On-demand Web Seminar: We explain in this webinar the history of LED usage, culminating in automotive and sign-boards usage where arrays of LEDs demands a level of quality that requires very special operational adjustment during... 26:09

Tags: Valor Material Verification, Valor Process Preparation, Valor Quality Management

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Taking Total Control of Materials


On-demand Web Seminar: How can PCB Manufacturers save up to 75% on materials-related costs? 33:49

Tags: Valor Foundation, Valor MSS Material Management, Valor Process Preparation

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PCB Manufacturing with Agility – How to Keep Pace through Adversity


On-demand Web Seminar: Key necessities for creating an agile manufacturing environment to optimize operational efficiencies associated with everyday challenges are discussed. 23:37

Tags: Valor Process Preparation

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World Class Process Preparation


On-demand Web Seminar: In this webinar, we will discuss and define the “world-class” best practices of Process Preparation and demonstrate the benefits and values that are achieved through integration of all engineering... 46:06

Tags: Valor Process Preparation

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