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Improved Manufacturing Performance with Real-time Shop Floor Analytics



You cannot really expect to improve manufacturing performance unless you can measure at least some of the key variables impacting performance. In this webinar we will explore many different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) used today by leading manufacturers and how advances in shop floor operations management software are used to capture, calculate and display these KPIs in near real-time.

Several KPIs we will look at are Line Utilization, Machine Performance, Feeder Performance, OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), 1st Pass Yield, 2nd Pass Yield, Performance to Schedule (On time shipments vs. all shipments), and the Rate of successful NPI. But these KPIs are not enough. It is also crucial to be able see the impact of specific machine ID, tester ID, tooling ID and feeder ID and material vendor lot codes on any KPI which is indicating a poor performance or declining performance. Also within a given job certain regions of the board or specific ref designators may be directly linked to quality issues, and having this visibility is crucial to any root cause analysis.

What You Will Learn

In this webinar you will learn how to utilized modern software solutions to automatically collect and display key data in near real time to build a system of operations intelligence and business intelligence to drive your factory performance to new levels.

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Bruce A. Isbell

Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager, Valor LTD.
Mr. Isbell has worked “hands on” in the electronics manufacturing industry for 30 years. His experience on the shop floor as a process engineer spans across low volume complex boards for the military at Texas Instruments, to very high volume boards for telecommunications at Motorola. For the past 12 years Mr. Isbell has utilized his manufacturing experience to refocus his career to help others achieve high productivity by providing software solutions to electronics manufacturers. Mr. Isbell joined Valor in 2000 and is now the Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager on the corporate marketing team.

Who Should View

  • Professional buyers
  • Shop floor managers
  • Production managers
  • Materials managers
  • Quality managers
  • Process engineers


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