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Prevent Erosion of Your Automotive Market Position Amidst Tight Financial Conditions



Tight money and severe liability requirements make competition tough for OEMs and their EMS and ODM counterparts in the burgeoning market of automotive pcb and electronic design. Manufacturers with the technological infrastructure to create low-cost, integrated traceability solutions and lean process controls will succeed, while those with heavy overhead burdens and sluggish enterprise resources will retreat or fail.

This webinar defines what it takes to win in this lucrative 'do-or-die' market. Don't lose out on the exploding market for automotive electronics just because your traceability management is too weak, too slow, or too expensive. Wise technology choices make it easy and affordable to comply with liability requirements. This webinar will show you several areas where technology can create new and unexpected competitive advantages for your company.

What You Will Learn

  • How to best use agile manufacturing and traceability analysis to maintain cost effectiveness
  • How to achieve state-of-the-art conformance and traceability
  • How to effectively differentiate from the competition

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Michael Ford

Senior Marketing Development Manager, Valor Division, Mentor Graphics

Michael started his career as one of the earliest adopters of computer systems for electronics manufacturing, working for Sony initially as a system development engineer, going on to manage Sony’s corporate global Lean Manufacturing MES project, “TiMMS”, in Japan.

With over 25 years’ experience, Michael continuously drives the vision to bring unique exciting “real-world” solutions that deliver extra-ordinary value into the market. Michael is currently responsible for the Marketing Development group focussing on the realisation of the vision as direct benefit opportunities to customers including efficiency, agility, “Lean” and the environment, culminating in the Valor MSS product suite.

Who Should View

  • Directors
  • Production, Quality, and Process Managers
  • Engineers and Specialists
  • Anyone involved with automotive electronics design or manufacturing traceability

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