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Secrets Of The Intelligent Repair Station



“Epidemic”, “one-off” and “patterns” are different classes of defects which each need to be detected quickly, but are treated and managed in different ways.  Without an intelligent and effective repair operation, significant opportunity is lost to be able to control and manage the manufacturing operation avoiding further defects.  In this webinar we will look specifically at the role of an advanced intelligent repair work-station as part of the integrated quality system.  We will discuss how to realize and reduced the cost of repair, achieve faster closed loop feedback and gain the expected results and benefits from closed loop quality management.

What You Will Learn

  • How data capture can replace paper repair tickets
  • The benefits of interactive documentation
  • How defect diagnosis and correct time and cost can be reduced
  • Types of defects with methods of detection, prevention and correction
  • The benefits and opportunities of a reduced repair cycle time
  • The business intelligence opportunity
  • Closing the loop on quality

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Michael Ford

Senior Marketing Development Manager, Valor Division, Mentor Graphics

Michael started his career as one of the earliest adopters of computer systems for electronics manufacturing, working for Sony initially as a system development engineer, going on to manage Sony’s corporate global Lean Manufacturing MES project, “TiMMS”, in Japan.

With over 25 years’ experience, Michael continuously drives the vision to bring unique exciting “real-world” solutions that deliver extra-ordinary value into the market. Michael is currently responsible for the Marketing Development group focussing on the realisation of the vision as direct benefit opportunities to customers including efficiency, agility, “Lean” and the environment, culminating in the Valor MSS product suite.

Who Should View

  • Managers & Directors of Manufacturing
  • Managers & Directors of Quality
  • Managers & Directors of Engineering
  • Anyone involved with PCB Assembly

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