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Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Data Preparation for Load Balancing & Schedule Performance



This webinar will discuss these barriers to high performance SMT Production, and techniques for achieving on-time delivery goals with high quality and the lowest possible unit cost.

Today’s Surface Mount Technology (SMT) factories face many major obstacles in efficient SMT production planning. The greater the number and types of SMT lines in production, the more important it is to find the SMT production plan that can balance the load between lines and optimize scheduled performance.

Quickly transforming product design data into SMT production recipes, without loss of fidelity, is crucial. But, the massive variability of the SMT factory can work against intelligent, sustainable, factory planning. The result is often missed schedules and/or missed unit cost targets.

What You Will Learn

  • How streamlined Surface Mount Technology data preparation methods can reduce downtime and improve product quality
  • How product-grouping-strategies impact product flow
  • How to overcome SMT manufacturing challenges that prevent accurate, fast “what if” scenarios for capacity and shift planning
  • How to compare the value of “static setups” and “dynamic grouping” and ensure the best one is used
  • How to overcome cross-platform product grouping challenges
  • How to achieve optimum schedule performance in SMT production lines

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Bruce A. Isbell

Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager, Valor LTD.
Mr. Isbell has worked “hands on” in the electronics manufacturing industry for 30 years. His experience on the shop floor as a process engineer spans across low volume complex boards for the military at Texas Instruments, to very high volume boards for telecommunications at Motorola. For the past 12 years Mr. Isbell has utilized his manufacturing experience to refocus his career to help others achieve high productivity by providing software solutions to electronics manufacturers. Mr. Isbell joined Valor in 2000 and is now the Sr. Strategic Marketing Manager on the corporate marketing team.

Who Should View

  • SMT production planners and engineers
  • Production managers
  • Plant managers
  • Manufacturing managers and engineers

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