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The Essentials Of Product Tracking & Routing Enforcement



Shop floors, which neglect to understand how to implement optimum product tracking, can result in excessive implementation and support costs. Additional immediate and direct benefits of “best-in-class” product tracking and routing enforcement can ensure your operations achieve the compliance and traceability requirements of your customers.

This webinar will explain how effective tracking and routing enforcement can be achieved and will overview the direct benefits to the operation that can be gained as a result.

What You Will Learn

  • Effective methods of product tracking
  • Importance of enforced routing for quality and compliance
  • The pros and cons of product tracking and enforcement
  • The need for dynamic product tracking
  • How tracking can lead to performance gains

About the Presenter

Presenter Image Michael Ford

Senior Marketing Development Manager, Valor Division, Mentor Graphics

Michael started his career as one of the earliest adopters of computer systems for electronics manufacturing, working for Sony initially as a system development engineer, going on to manage Sony’s corporate global Lean Manufacturing MES project, “TiMMS”, in Japan.

With over 25 years’ experience, Michael continuously drives the vision to bring unique exciting “real-world” solutions that deliver extra-ordinary value into the market. Michael is currently responsible for the Marketing Development group focussing on the realisation of the vision as direct benefit opportunities to customers including efficiency, agility, “Lean” and the environment, culminating in the Valor MSS product suite.

Who Should View

  • Managers & Directors of Manufacturing
  • Managers & Directors of Planning
  • Managers & Directors of Materials
  • Managers & Directors of Engineering
  • Anyone involved with PCB Assembly

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