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Entrepreneurial Dutch Manufacturer Selects Valor’s Quality Management System

Valor Computerized Systems Ltd, the global provider of productivity improvement software across the printed circuit board design and manufacturing supply chain, has been selected for its vCheck Quality Management System by Nedap N.V, developers of security and electronic control units as well as automation, management and information systems for organisations in a wide variety of industry sectors.

Nedap N.V., headquartered in Groenlo, the Netherlands, purchased the award winning vCheck system as a major step to a possible implementation of Valor’s comprehensive new end-to-end software suite, DynamiX, a long awaited MES software solution that encompasses the entire production process from Lean management of materials, PCA assembly processes and test, full product assembly and test, through to the final packing of finished goods ready for shipment

vCheck is designed to function as a stand-alone application, or as part of a larger MES suite, and will enable Nedap N.V. to fully maximize quality and drive the manufacturing process to optimal performance by balancing quality, throughput and cost. Every aspect of quality testing and inspection is visible to any decision maker in real-time allowing immediate review and action if required. Valor’s Quality Management System fully integrates into each customer’s manufacturing and test environment, collecting data from test and repair stations including visual inspection stations, AOI, AXI, ATE, and functional test equipment.

All collected information is captured and consolidated into one centralized database that can be cross-linked into other data sources via built in APIs, facilitating the detection of problems and their causes. vCheck features alarms and Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) trigger points to help continuously reduce Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) in the manufacturing process. In conjunction with the closed loop repair station capability featuring intelligent diagnostic guidance, the time used to analyze tests is significantly reduced and repairs are considerably streamlined.

“We have been looking at ways to develop a leaner manufacturing model to become more cost effective, to improve manufacturing efficiency and most importantly to optimize quality.” said Ton Scharenborg, general production manager from Nedap Inventi B.V. “After intensive market evaluation, we discovered Valor and their targeted range of software solutions. We felt that introducing a good Quality Management System would facilitate our goal to streamline our manufacturing capability. vCheck is very user friendly and the traceability, defect data collection and analysis tools have helped us to identify problems faster, resulting in fewer production slowdowns and faster turnarounds. It’s an initial step for us to implementing the full MES solution from Valor, called DynamiX, which we consider to be a best in class solution.”

Stephan Häfele, President of Valor Europe, comments, “We are very pleased to have Nedap N.V. as a new customer. As a pioneering company forging new ground in electronic and security control units, Nedap N.V. approached us to provide a solution that would help them advance manufacturing performance and quality. vCheck is a flexible and affordable solution that meets this requirement, addressing traceability, improved quality and efficiency. We will be pleased to help extend their manufacturing effectiveness further in the near future, by putting our DynamiX software suite into operation.”

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Press Contact:
Valor Computerized Systems, Europe
Luc Vranken
+32 475 70 2081

Editors Notes:

About Valor Computerized Systems, Europe
Valor Computerized Systems is a global provider of productivity improvement software across the printed circuit board manufacturing supply chain. The company’s software solutions simulate, optimize, monitor and control the PCB production lifecycle, enabling customers to manufacture PCBs for electronic products more efficiently, cost effectively and with better quality. Valor helps PCB layout designers test and validate the PCB design before it is sent for manufacturing. It provides the bare-board manufacturers with CAM tools to better plan and execute the fabrication process. Finally, the company assists PCB assemblers worldwide to better manage their cost structure with leading process planning (vPlan) tools, shop floor monitoring and control software solutions (vManage), and test results and quality information management solutions (vCheck).

About Nedap N.V.
Nedap N.V. has been established since 1929 and has 650 employees located internationally. The company focuses on developing and supplying innovative and sustainable solutions in the fields of security and electronic control units as well as automation, management and information systems for organisations. Subsidiaries are located in Belgium, France, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Spain and Nedap quoted on the Stock Exchange (Euronext) Amsterdam.

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