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Valor MSS Foundation

Valor® MSS Foundation manages PCB factory configuration, full ERP integration and optional enforced routing from a single point, ensuring that only tested units leave the factory.

It resolves many of the operational challenges in electronics manufacturing by providing a backbone of interoperability, with a central infrastructure to manage and share manufacturing data, preventing data redundancy and configuration errors.


“We needed one source of truth to drive our culture of quality and maximum performance at the lowest unit cost. Valor MSS software suite is our answer for one integrated end-to-end solution.”

Michael Yaacov, CIO and CTO, RH Technologies

Master data management and job scheduling

Valor MSS Foundation increases your competitiveness by maintaining detailed electronics build records for all units produced in the factory.

It pairs with your company's ERP system to provide more accurate inventory management, and increases on-time delivery performance.

The module integrates with the central Valor MSS database, allowing you to select the Valor MSS Suite tools that you need with the assurance that all modules will function and communicate smoothly.


  • Manage manufacturing data in a robust and scalable infrastructure backbone
  • Integrate to existing customer solutions with ease and flexibility
  • Schedule production work orders and share data with MSS shop floor applications
  • Minimize DB growth even with many shop floor connections
  • Manage the factory definition and machine settings. 3D environment creates layers of plant, floor, line, and equipment
  • Create your factory layout with our extensive library of 3D equipment models, many are exact replicas of the actual machines
  • Import, create and edit the hierarchical product structure through multilevel BOM
  • Centralize the management of product data and material attributes
  • Register incoming material including all vendor trace data. Create and maintain process routing for each product with optional routing enforcement settings

Enforced routing option

  • Enforce production routing to assure that every step is completed in the correct order, in a paperless environment
  • Conditionally route failed units for repair and retest assuring that only tested units leave the factory


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