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Valor® Asset Utilization for PCB Assembly

Valor Asset Utilization module provides remote real time graphical status of events on the assembly line. It helps managers isolate and improve problem areas in PCB manufacturing lines, increasing asset utilization and production efficiency.

It provides real-time graphs of assembly machine events and bottlenecks including working status, cycle and change-over times, and errors. The visual display makes it easy to isolate and improve problem areas and increase asset utilization.


Maximize asset utilization on the shop floor

“Valor MSS shortens the machine setup time and gives us visibility to the feeder level and the user level. Now we can see the level of operation of machine and each user and understand the root of the problem.”

Yossef Gutman, Production Unit Manager, RH Technologies

Valor Asset Utilization increases return on capital equipment investments by maximizing machine and line output. It optimizes inventory turns by identifying suboptimal machine performance, and improves product delivery by enabling managers to quickly identify and resolve machine issues.

  • Captures and displays Pareto (80-20 rule) analysis of feeder performance and feeder errors in real time
  • Provides real-time view of machine status and cycle times, allowing real-time response
  • Identifies machines that need preventative maintenance, so they can be optimally scheduled
  • Supports hundreds of machine models with proven, robust connections within a single solution
  • Tightly integrates with material verification and traceability modules, providing high-quality production and accurate audit trails

Optional sub-modules

Document viewer

The documentation viewer provides paperless viewing of all assembly and test instructions created with Valor Process Preparation's Documentation sub-module.

Work in progress (WIP) point

This sub-module logs the history of a unit moving through the operation process, then stores this information in the database for later analysis and reporting.

Performance monitoring advanced interface

This sub-module collects real-time performance data from multiple factory operations, including SMT machine cycle times, working state, and fault conditions.

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