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Valor® MSS Material Management for PCB Assembly

Valor MSS Material Management module reduces inventory and streamlines production using a lean material flow based on just-in-time principles. Material is kitted and delivered to the line based on real-time pull signals from each machine, the current status of work orders and pending changeovers.

The module minimizes the material cycle from receipt of goods through final assembly with automated tracking of material consumption, waste and movements through the factory. Essential transactions can be reported to ERP for improved inventory accuracy and control.


Optimize inventory level and material flow to production

Valor MSS Material Management places the right material at the right place at the right time. The demand signals that drive just-in-time logistics for optimal material flow are created by tight, real-time integration to the equipment on the shop floor.


  • Reduce work-in-progress (WIP) and general inventory by eliminating huge material kits and line storage
  • Improve responsiveness to change orders by eliminating recall of stock from the line
  • Improve line effectiveness by reducing changeover time with "guided" changeovers
  • Avoid bottlenecks with balanced material delivery
  • Improve high mix/low volume productivity with family setups including full support for single trolleys or grouped trolleys
  • Improve line operator efficiency with automated guidance of what material is needed next and where it is needed. Operators focus only on handling the material
  • Reduce cost of obsolete parts because of lower inventory levels
  • Reduce floor space requirements by reducing WIP and inventory
  • Improve ERP effectiveness by feeding material movements, actual consumption and waste into ERP/MRP system with automated counts on all reels for improved accuracy
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